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TOO HECTIC: Ska Punk Goes International -30 bands from 16 countries! (LP)

¥4,480 税込



16カ国30バンド参加の次世代スカパンクコンピレーション LP2枚組! 日本からは、HEY-SMITH、MAYSON’s PARTY、CLUB SANDINISTA!が参加しています。(限定700枚生産) Side A The Bar Stool Preachers – Don’t Die Today (UK) Fuzigish – Back in Time (South Africa) Dope Times – Wasted Ways (Brazil) HEY-SMITH – Skate Today(Japan) Los Tre Puntos – Nuevo Mundo (France) Los Kung Fu Monkeys – Bang Bang (Mexico) K-man & the 45s – Hero With a Death Ray (Canada) Night Gaunts – Sombre (NZ) Side B The Busters – Melodies (Germany) Los Furios – Rough and Tough (Canada) Franknensix – La Certeza De Estar Vivo (Mexico) PB Sunset – Go To Waste (Brazil/UK) MAYSON’s PARTY – Yummy Yummy (Japan) Glory Hunters – Your Voice (Russia) The Porkers – Not Fuckin’ Around (Australia) Side C The Planet Smashers – What’s Going Down? (Canada) Abraskadabra – Not Going Back (Brazil) Rikita Banana – No Te Sientas Mal (Mexico) The Bennies – Waiting For Dave (Australia) Cartoon Violence – Friend or Foe (UK) D’Jenks – You Make Me Get Fall (Indonesia) The Hostiles – Someone I Like (Scotland) Red Soul Community – Fukin’ Job (Spain) Side D Call Me Malcolm – All My Nameless Friends (UK) Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous – The Distance (Canada) Buena Suerte – ¿Qué más da? (Costa Rica) Overweight – Faster (Denmark) CLUB SANDINISTA! – Eight, Nine (Japan) Double Play – First Time Alone (Brazil) DON – Veintitantos (Mexico)